Friends at Harbor Springs

Life is looking up in Michigan. Finally, we have clear skies, sunny days, calm seas, and just finished up a fantastic visit with our friends Jim and Sherryl.

Craig and Jim have been friends since third grade and Sherryl felt like my long lost sister. We took a two hour cruise to lovely Charlevoix, motored over to Petoskey, ate tons of food, had drinks on deck, and had a grand old time!

We asked what their biggest surprise was when they first boarded Joy Girl. Since they recently traveled through New Zealand for nearly a month in a camper van, they didn’t expect her to be so large and comfortable. So, be encouraged, there’s room for friends!

Good news: the auto pilot is fixed 🙂 Bad news: now the alternator is intermittently not fully charging the start batteries. The boat still runs but before we go far, we need to get a new alternator. Harbor Springs is a gorgeous little spot to be stuck while looking for a mechanic.

Once that is taken care of, we’ll probably head to Lake Superior for a short jaunt into the largest and deepest of the Great Lakes. It’s also the world’s largest freshwater lake by surface area, is really more of an inland sea, and a bit intimidating. Gulp. Executive Officer Niki has approved travel to Munising, Michigan only, home of Pictured Rock. We’ll see….

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