I Love New York!

I haven’t been to New York since my teenage years. I loved it then but I wondered if my taste or the city had changed after all those many (!) decades.

But, no. It’s still absolutely amazing and was worth every hour of that icky open ocean ride we had to endure to get here.

What a thrill to drive Joy Girl into New York Harbor! We expected hundreds of huge commercial ships to terrify us but, surprisingly, only a few large barges were anchored out and a few ferries and tour boats passed us. We motored past Lady Liberty, Manhattan, up the East River and under the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, then into the Hudson. It was a glorious day for photos!

We docked Joy Girl at the 79th Street Boat Basin on the Hudson river. Right next to beautiful Riverside Drive and just west of Central Park, this marina was a fabulous location to launch into the city.

We pedaled, walked and metro’d through NYC for two days and crammed in as much city as possible. We saw the Broadway theaters, Times Square, 9/11 memorial, the financial district, Battery Park, the government district, Chinatown, Little Italy, SoHo, Grants Tomb, and the never ending stream of breathtaking residential architecture that graces the streets.

I loved it all. Craig isn’t a city guy so he wasn’t so thrilled, and we both agree NYC is not as bike friendly as we’d hoped. But I loved walking around, absorbing all I could. There is still so much more to see, but that just means we’ll have to go back to visit again!

And now we go up the Hudson River toward Albany, NY…


8 thoughts on “I Love New York!

  1. Sue & Kent Mueller

    I totally enjoyed all your pictures! My son lives in New Jersey so we go to the city quite often, in fact I was just there for my sons graduation 👨‍🎓 from Temple University on May 17! I’ve seen a lot of the city over my many trips to the city and was going to tell u biking Central Park is the best! Not to friendly on the busy, busy streets of NYC! Kent & I are really enjoying your posts of your travels! It’s funny because we traveled the east coast last fall and stopped at many of your recent locations! When you return we’ll have to compare travels over $1 margs at Senors. Safe travels!


    1. Hey Sue, so great to hear from you! I remember you guys taking that East Coast trip! You’re so lucky to have a reason to go the city all of the time, oooooo, I’m jealous! I was so sad to leave. We biked through Central Park on the weekend and couldn’t BELIEVE the number of people exercising in there, wow, it was a solid stream of people everywhere. New Yorkers are definitely into exercise and getting outside, it was great to see, although a little overwhelming.

      Congrats on your son’s graduation, that’s awesome! It’s so great to hear from you on here and we are looking forward to $1 margs again!!


  2. R.J. Hanna

    Love seeing your FANTASTIC photos. Also love your map of where you are and anticipating the next photo album. You could start a new career as prof photographer.
    R. J.


    1. Thanks, Judy! I enjoy taking and working on photos 🙂 Loved your shots of Niagara, sure wish we could have been there at the same time, it was so great to see you two.


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