New York State Of Mind

Today we successfully made the ocean run from Atlantic City to New York…11 hours on swells, waves, and fog, traversing the Jersey Shore. We couldn’t travel through the New Jersey ICW (Intracoastal Waterway) because it hasn’t been maintained and it’s too shallow for Joy Girl. So, to the ocean we went…

We don’t like to be negative but we would never recommend Atlantic City to anyone…such a surreal place with unkempt casinos and scary slums just one street away from the boardwalk. We won’t return there.

Atlantic City

For tonight, we congratulated ourselves on a tough day at Cole’s Dockside Restaurant on Staten Island:

Tomorrow: New York City! I found out that New York is very bike friendly so we’ll be cycling through the Big Apple. Billy Joel is running through my mind…

Another bit a good news: I’ve trained the kitties to know that when we stop for the day, they get…TREATS! The minute we stopped the boat today, they ran downstairs (instead of being frozen in fear) to get their kibble. We were happy to see them so lively the minute we stopped for the day.

Happy weekend to you!


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