We’re Off!

Today we started our Great Loop adventure! We left Shelter Cove Marina early this morning and were treated to a beautiful sunrise as we bid our winter home a fond farewell. We were excited, nervous, and a little sad to leave the wonderful people we met on Hilton Head, including the marina staff, our new boating friends, and my cousin Shari and her mom Nancy, who were so wonderful to us during our stay.

Wonderful Shelter Cove Marina (Photo courtesy of Joe Brasfield)
Last Shelter Cove Sunrise.jpg
Today’s sunrise

As the sun came up we re-read a prayer that was shared at Providence Presbyterian Church when we were coping (sometimes badly!) with frustrating boat repairs. It touched our hearts then and is a wonderful prayer for today, too.

God, who is with us in every transition, with us through every time of change, as we begin this new chapter with excitement and maybe even anxiety we remember your compassion, your holy presence, and your abounding love that always has been and will always be forever with us. We thank you for the gifts and talents that you have blessed us with and for the experiences that have brought us to this moment. Lord, be with us as we go forward rejoicing and singing our praises in your Holy Name. Amen!

We plan to arrive at the The Harborage at Ashley Marina in Charleston tomorrow!

7 thoughts on “We’re Off!

  1. Linda

    So glad to know that God was with you as youncasted off this morning. Have a great adventure and I will look forward to traveling with you.


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