The Cure for Dock Itch

We’ve now been docked here at Shelter Cove Marina on Hilton Head for three full months, and it’s about time for a change of scenery.  Don’t get me wrong. We love it here.  The marina, the people of Hilton Head, the fellow boaters, are all admirable.  And there’s nothing quite like the sight of a trio of dolphins playing joyfully in your bow wave:Dolphin trio crif.jpg

But it’s definitely time to get underway on our big adventure, the primary reason for which we purchased this boat.

To be sure, we’ve had our share of events and circumstances that have slowed us down.  But at long last, we now have a tender and outboard engine that are fully functional:Tender ready to go

We have some very groovy new hats with the boat’s name and hailing port embroidered on them:Joy Girl hats red stone

Everything that we can think of to work on (for now…) has been done.  We’re presently the proud owners of six brand new house batteries (to run most all things electrical on the boat when we’re not in a marina), a functional and legal anchor light for peaceful nights on the hook, and a growing and eclectic collection of spare parts and supplies, none of which will I waste your time with pictures of.

Yes, the itch to get going is getting stronger by the day.  Last night, just for the halibut, we slipped our dock lines and headed out for an impromptu sunset cruise.  It was mostly just an excuse to get out of the marina, but I guess God approved of our decision, as our efforts were rewarded with this glorious view which Niki captured from the pilothouse of Joy Girl:Sunset flare 04-24-2018.jpg

Ashore, the urge to get out and go somewhere or do something is often referred to as “cabin fever”.   But on a boat, many terms are a bit different, and I felt this one needed a nautical translation as well.  Like this Anhinga sitting on our dock, spreading his wings and running his final preflight checklist before takeoff, I believe we are finally ready to go!Diving bird ready to fly off pier after drying wings

So I came up with a new term to describe the irresistible urge to leave the docks and friends of Shelter Cove Marina and be on our way.  I call it…Dock Itch!

And now, it’s about time to go scratch that itch!




8 thoughts on “The Cure for Dock Itch

    1. Craig Kozak

      Thanks for noticing, RJ. It’s the best shade I’ve found so far, and it looks just mahhhhvelous with the boat’s cove stripe…


    1. Craig Kozak

      Thanks! Literary comments from a knowledgeable and esteemed source mean much to this fledgling writer. Since by maritime tradition it is never wise to start a journey on a Friday (the day on which Jesus was killed), we plan to leave Saturday morning.


  1. susanheck45

    Beautiful sunset shot! And thank you for using the Anhinga’s real name!! May the journey cure what ails you…

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


    1. Craig Kozak

      Thanks! The original draft had the bird called by an incorrect name; fortunately a friend saw it on FakeBook and sent us a note with the correct identifier.


  2. R.J. Hanna

    Craig and Niki- good luck as you set sail Saturday. Many more of those beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I will be watching for your wake on Google Earth!!
    R. J.


    1. Craig Kozak

      Thanks, RJ. Turns out the dinghy prop hub gave out last night on the way to dinner, so we have one more challenge before we head out. But soon….


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