Durango 2.0

We’ve now been in Durango for two weeks and, I’ve got to say, it’s wonderful to just unwind and enjoy the astounding beauty of this place. I understand now why some folks just “set” in one place instead of traveling every few days. As we all know, travel is exhausting. This is so much more relaxing!

We’re situated in the the Animas Valley, so named for the Animas River which runs through it. Only 20,000 people live here but in the summer there will be over 1 million visitors. It’s also beautiful in the Fall because they have naturally growing deciduous trees in the valleys which turn red and orange, along with the golden aspens. We’ve already booked an RV spot for two months next year!

Last Sunday while Craig watched the train go by, he chatted with some folks doing the same and found out they were going to church across the street from us. We high tailed it over there and discovered an amazing group of believers who instantly made us feel at home. The Animas Valley Church is held in an event center rented for weddings, etc., so it’s gorgeous. What more can you ask for? An electric ukulele? Got that, too…

With the incredible beauty, the wonderfully friendly people, a Community Rec Center with pickleball courts and a fantastic swimming pool, the newly remodeled Durango Hot Springs, and a historic steam train for Craig, it would be a great place to live. BUT. We hear from more than a few folks that the healthcare system in this area is lacking, to the point that someone said, “The first phone call you make when you get really sick in Durango is to the travel agent.” That gives me serious pause since Mom is now 86 and needs care from a variety of specialists.

For the last few days, Roswell had been staring under the kitchen cabinet for hours, mesmerized. We then found evidence of what he was looking for: my bird seed bag had a nibbled hole through the plastic. Last night, his prowess finally paid off – we found an almost unrecognizable mouse corpse in our bedroom. Go, Roz, Mouser Extraordinaire! I do have a photo of the murder scene, but I’ll spare you the gore.

We’ve met so many wonderful people that we’ll be sad to leave in a week and a half. Our gracious new friends have made us feel so welcome and included. More on them next time after I get some good photos. Hope everyone is well and happy!

4 thoughts on “Durango 2.0

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  2. Andrea Agnew

    Thanks for sharing your adventures. You do a great job of writing and making people want to take adventures like you do.


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