Liscia, Lost Love & Longing to Go

Today we were asked by our dear friend and #1 fan, RJ Hanna, if we were (hopefully) going to share our upcoming adventures on the blog. RJ, your question/request gave me the swift kick in the transom I needed to get into gear and write this post.

As a quick update, last Fall we traded in our first RV, Woody, because he bounced around like a pogo stick on the potholed roads of the Midwest. He was a “gasser” (fueled by gasoline) and that’s just an unfortunate reality with that type of bus because they are built light.  He also had a huge V10 engine directly under the front seats, so when climbing hills, that engine revved so loud we had to shout over the noise. We could have never climbed the Rocky Mountains-we would have been deaf by the time we ascended Vail pass.

We are now traveling in a 40 foot Newmar “diesel pusher” that weighs 44,000 pounds, fully 5 tons more than Joy Girl. We named her Liscia (Lee-sha), which means “smooth” in Italian. She’s a dream! Her “comfort drive” steering keeps her steady on the road even in high winds.  She’s so quiet that when we first stepped aboard her, we didn’t even realize the engine was running. She scales and descends mountains with ease. Plus, she’s an extremely comfy, bright and beautiful girl. More photos can be seen in this Google album.

We are sad to report Supreme Commander Scully passed away a month ago. At 16 years old, she had developed lung cancer which had metastasized and was complicated by other illnesses. We were brokenhearted to let her go, but it was time. Scully’s memorial page can be found here. RIP, little Queen.

So, this year we’ll be traveling with the sweet and handsome Admiral Roswell, who is still healthy and happy. We are now a single kitty household. Trying to stay that way…

I almost forgot! A few months ago, the Director of the America’s Great Loop Cruising Association interviewed us about our two year boat trip. We were honored and had a lot of fun so I thought I’d share.

This Monday we leave for New Mexico (Taos & Sante Fe) for a week, then Durango, Colorado for a month. We’ve got the drone for cool shots and I’m actually enjoying writing again, so thanks RJ! More to come next week. Ciao for now!

6 thoughts on “Liscia, Lost Love & Longing to Go

  1. Judy Papenfuss

    I’m so sorry to hear about Scully – that’s hard. Your new rig looks fabulous! Enjoy your adventures. Zaynah, Chad and grandsons Greyson 3 and Luca 1 are hitting the road too. Maybe you’ll see them.
    We’ll catch them when can.


  2. R J H

    You’ve got enough room for a mobile micro-brewery instead of food truck- the “Liscia” Brew Pub. “Exceptionally Smooth “ “ We come to you!”
    Have a great trip and keep those stories and pictures coming

    R J


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