My Old Kentucky Home

Ahhh, we’ve now spent three weeks relaxing from the heat and busyness of the rivers in Kentucky’s Land Between the Lakes. With 2400 miles of shoreline, this giant body of water is the largest manmade lake in the eastern US. We docked in marinas, anchored in quiet coves, and visited with friends and family.

Dealing with enormous 4k drone video files on a low end laptop brings back technical nightmare memories from the office. Gah!! For now, I’ve given up splicing them together with cool transitions and will just have to do stills and short clips. Craig did a great job capturing the foggy mornings…

If you are ever near Grand Rivers (outside Paducah), you MUST see a show at the Badgett Playhouse. We’ve never seen such huge talent in such an itty-bitty town! We were dazzled by the music of The Sounds of Memphis and charmed by The Southern Gospel Show.Ā  It’s worth a drive in a boat or car to immerse yourself in an amazing concert. One of the members even played with Elvis Presley. And all of them, wonderful, hometown folk, good people. You leave uplifted šŸ˜

At Green Turtle Bay Marina we had a great visit with Craig’s brother Gary and our sister-in-law Linda. They flew down from Chicago for Craig’s 60th birthday. Doesn’t look that ancient, does he?Ā  That week I also turned 57. Yikes.

Plus my college friend Deb and her husband Dave drove down to Paris, TN from Indianapolis to spend a few days on Joy Girl. So wonderful to see my college buddy!

We were just about to head south out of Kentucky Lake into the Tennessee River when our black and white kitty, Roswell, got sick. The vet determined he has a kidney infection – hopefully an acute problem. Right now, he’s spending a few days in the hospital, receiving IV fluids and antibiotics. Once he is recovered, we plan to continue our trip south, heading to Mobile Bay, AL.

6 thoughts on “My Old Kentucky Home

  1. R.J.

    Great pictures, videos, and narrative- hope Craig is instrument rated for the drone!! How does he get it back to home base through the clouds?? Will be anxious for next chapter as you head south! Hope Roswell recovers!


    1. Hey, R.J.! There’s a button to bring it back home-it remembers the GPS location where it took off. It’s so smart!! We had to bring Roswell to a specialty vet in Nashville. We find out today if he needs surgery or not…


  2. Michelle A Zeeman

    Greetings Nikki and Craig! We met you at the marina in Traverse City last summer-we summer at Torch Lake and winter in Alabama—at Fairhope, on the eastern shore of Mobile Bay. Just wanted to ck in with you and renew our offer to meet up with you when you pass through, and help out with anything you need. We are headed down to Fairhope this weekend.

    Hope you are planning a stop; looks like you have had a great adventure!!!
    Michelle and Berry
    PS hope the Admiral is improving. Poor little kitty!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Michelle! We’ve been talking about you guys and had it on our list to contact you! Yes, we’d love to see you in Fairhope, that would be great šŸ˜„

      Sure wish we were headed that way now, but the Admiral is still in the hospital and may need surgery. He’s doing MUCH better, surgery would be to prevent future problems.

      We’ll let you know when we have a better idea when we will be there. I’m so excited to see that area of the country. Safe travels and enjoy! Hope to see you soon!


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