Shelter Cove Sunrise

After a enjoyable meal and convivial time with local friends and relatives aboard Joy Girl, it might have been easy to think things couldn’t get a whole lot more idyllic.  Ah, but then we woke this morning, peered out the window, and saw what looked like an amazing sunrise in the making.  Tossing on a Fort Collins Cat Rescue hoodie but skipping my Tevas, I strode up the ramp to the wharf and was rewarded with this magnificent view:

20180203_070938[1] crif

It was so glorious I almost forgot how frigid my bare feet were becoming on the 35 degree cement.  Well, almost….

11 thoughts on “Shelter Cove Sunrise

  1. Alison

    What.a gorgeous picture, almost looks like a painting waiting to happen!! Safe travels and great adventures for you and your “crew”!! Looking forward to keeping up with you guys as you journey!


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